Kye Wei

Hello, welcome to my site!

I'm a fourth-year Computer Science student studying at the University of Waterloo, with interests in machine learning, software development, current technology, photography, and music.

At times, I can be a computer scientist, or a software developer, or a musician.

I believe the best way to learn and understand something is to start from the basics, so in my free time I do projects to learn, investigate and explore new and interesting topics. I try to leverage technology whenever I can in whatever I'm working on.
I will update this site from time to time with my activities, past projects, and anything else that comes to mind.

View my portfolio to see what I've been up to!
Check out my contact info to reach me by email or at my GitHub, LinkedIn and to find me elsewhere on the web!
P.S. Other places may have me as Xinkai Wei.